Role: Imagine Together


When is a game not a game? When it’s an interactive rulebook/app designed to allow players to gather in real life and recreate the wonder of pen and paper roleplaying together. Role is rulebook, character sheet and bag of dice for the mobile age.

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Warlords is in many ways a good example of how far mobile games have come. A hex-based Strategy game with RPG elements that would once have been small a sprite-based 2D title that in the modern market is a huge, sprawling 3D feast for the eyes.

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Super Quest


Super Quest is a light RPG experience that doesn’t really fall into any single category perfectly but best fits the Clicker (or Tapper) model. Designed around giving players a constant goal that’s visible just ahead of them and short, sharp bursts of play.

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Choices: The Crown and Flame Book 1


Choices is a hub app containing multiple choose your own adventure novels that range at launch between detective, romance and fantasy tales. The Crown and Flame, the fantasy novel in this opening line-up is the subject our our particular attention.

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Knights of Pen and Paper (+1 Edition)

Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper is a hard game to tag a genre onto, it’s turn based but the real drive of the game is the opportunity to tailor the campaign to suit your own play style, deciding the difficulty of any event. Because of this we’re going to go along the Steam and call it a ‘Strategy’ RPG (which shouldn’t be confused with a Tactical RPG) since your strategy decides how you experience the game.

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