Summer of Suikoden

Summer of Suikoden Logo

A concentrated multi-media effort on the part of multiple Reviewers, YouTube Personalities and genre fans, July 2017 saw the arrival of the Summer of Suikoden.

Masterminded by Jimmy Hapa as a way to showcase the legacy of the Suikoden series, it served to shine a light on the individual titles, draw attention to the recently digital re-releases of early games in the series on PlayStation Network and bring the relevance of the brand to the attention of Konami, creating an entry point and wealth of information for those unfamiliar with the games.

Notable contributes in 2017 included Avalanche JaredThe Dali PopkaGame DaveKarcamo Gaming and Super Derek with a steady release of game reviews, retrospectives and articles throughout the summer period. A link to some of these videos in playlist for can be found HERE.

MBU took part in our own small way, releasing a series of reviews of games in the central series canon and several side-project titles over the course of the season (in both 2017 and 2018), which can be found below for easy reference:

The sense of fan community around it has marked Summer 2017 as a very special time for those both involved and able to enjoy the results of everyone’s hard work. At this time a second Summer of Suikoden has been launched in 2018, with Super Derek kicking off the event on his YouTube channel.