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My Boxed Universe is a review site for games of all kinds, with a primary focus on Role Playing Games (RPGS). Occasionally there will also be articles discussing game theory and history, but primarily this is a hub from which short and concise reviews for games that the reviewers have completed will be posted. These reviews are of course subjective to opinion and are by no means the final word on the subject, instead a healthy discussion or shared opinions are welcome. Unlike a growing number of review sites, this website is completely unsponsored and as such is unbiased to titles by any developer. Games reviewed have all been played to completion instead of for a trial period as is common practice, allowing for an extensive understanding of in-game systems and story overviews.

My Boxed Universe also serves as an educational resource. Computer and Video Games are now recognized as a part of the national curriculum in the UK when studying Media and the non-review based content on this site has been specifically selected, debated and published in order to provide insight into the RPG genre for students. Whilst RPGs have arguably been the most impactful games in the history of gaming, information on them is woefully lacking in the education system, where the focus has recently been placed on games that caused negative media stir on launch. This site aims to change that by making information on the genre freely available and spotlighting areas of interest.


What is a boxed universe? The answer to that is simple. Every game is a world unto itself and each is as unique as they come. This site celebrates the worlds and stories that only a digital medium like video games can bring us.


Reviews are classified as short but of a length that an argument is made that covers graphics, sound, story and gameplay before a score from 0 (Horrible!) to 5 (Outstanding!) is given. Many will also attempt to give some background information on the time and place it was encountered or history of the game/series from which it came. Articles are longer works that express opinions or seek to educate on game history. Where possible we will always endeavor to have both a copy of the games original video trailer (this may not always be possible in the case of older game titles) and screenshots illustrating in-game play rather than promotional material only. In this manner readers can see what the games look like in motion as well as read about them. Interviews with developers and industry professionals will be conducted periodically, and an ongoing feature called ‘Chronology’ has begun that charts the evolution of the RPG genre from its inception to the modern day for educational purposes.


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Our staff writer is a man named Ben Warren who has been a gamer since his grandfather installed ‘Captain Comic’ on a pre-windows desktop back in the day. He’s since owned a console and handheld in every generation and has worked primarily in education with Media as a subject. He is responsible for the creation of multiple resource documents for Media teachers used across the UK designed to tackle the subject of Video Games as a serious subject, including instructional videos and books on the subject of video game history and genre definitions. Ben Warren has also been involved in the production of two Rogue-Like dungeon crawls over the past five years.


Guest writers are more than welcome. Please make contact via email to us at bwarren@cascadestudios.co.uk you will be asked to submit an example of your work for group review before publication.


With leveling systems incorporated into so many different kinds of games in the modern market and the touchy subject of ‘what is an RPG?’ we will be defining content on this site under the classification that if a game is sold or marketed under the banner of an RPG then it will be treated as such. RPGs traditionally derive from the classic pen and paper or tabletop systems that remain popular today. For an in-depth look at the developing history of the video game RPG genre, check out our Chronology segment.


We will be using the term JRPG or Japanese Role Playing Game to summarize any game in that particular style of sub-genre. In the same manner that we will be using WRPG or Western Role Playing Game regardless of the country of origin for any single title. We will also be branding some games as Puzzle, Social, Action and other sub-categories of the genre. If a genre title seems inconsistent with the official genre in a MBU review this re-classification will be explained in the review itself.


On the subject of Emulation, this site recognizes that Emulation is not a legal way in which to play retro games and will never recommend that players seek out emulated versions of video games, however it does admit that this is in some cases the only available option to play some lost classics. We all love the classic games of our youth and want to experience them again in any way we can.


We do not talk about Gamergate. Games are reviewed on their own merits based on the experiences had playing them and games are only reviewed after being completed in full, background politics are not a feature we care to get involved with.

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