Designed with a casual audience in mind, Postknight is the latest title to come from Kurechii, (the studio behind Tiny Guardians) and manages to cater to RPG enthusiasts as well as those looking for a lighter bite of game action.

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Witch Spring 2


Kiwi Walks may not be a studio that’s very well known, but in their ‘Witch Spring’ series they’ve managed to capture the essence of gaming on a system like the Sony PSP or Vita, and bring it to the mobile market for iOS and Android.

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Fire Emblem: Heroes


After the lack-lustre showing from Nintendo on the mobile market to date (that is in terms of gameplay quality rather than sales), success the gaming giant has seen fit to bring another of their big IPs to the scene in an effort to continue their relentless assault on gamers wallets.

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1-Bit Rogue


1-Bit Rogue is a title very much true to the spirit of the RogueLike, but is rooted more firmly into the increasingly popular RogueLight sub-category of the genre, providing small snatches of random dungeon crawling with a unique visual style that wouldn’t be amiss on the Game Boy.

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