Heroes of Dragon Age

H]eroes of Dragon Age

Unlike the other spin-off titles in the Dragon Age franchise, which serve to support the narrative and act as subtle advertisements for the main events, Heroes of Dragon Age is an altogether different beast. Aimed squarely at the mobile market, it’s very much a collect-a-thon.

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Dragon Age Legends


Fresh from their success on the original ‘Dragon Age: Origins’, BioWare pushed immediately into production on ‘Dragon Age II’, turning the game around on an impossibly fast schedule and releasing to mixed reviews. It was a pleasant surprise then that they also found time to repeat the success of ‘Dragon Age Journeys’ with a companion flash game released through Facebook.

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Dungeon Maraurders

Dungeon Marauders

Card games fused with roleplaying mechanics work extremely well. There are a multitude of titles already out there such as ‘SoulSpark: Battlecards’ and ‘Spellstone’ to attest to that fact. Few of them however attempt to craft a monster catching and dungeon building mechanic into their structure and this is where Dungeon Marauders finds its niche.

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