Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy 4

There probably isn’t a single gamer among our readership who hasn’t played at least one Final Fantasy title (if it was Final Fantasy XIII then I feel so sorry for you and you probably never touched the franchise again, trust me you’re missing out). With that in mind I wanted to space out reviews for role playing’s flagship brand between other less well known or revered titles. Final Fantasy IV is the starting point for all things Final Fantasy on this site because it holds a special connection to┬áboth myself and my younger brother and we played it through together, me invested in the story of Cecil the Dark Knight who had to become a Paladin, whilst he was totally behind Kain, the Dragoon who he felt should have got the girl. Neither of us came away disappointed. Today you can purchase Final Fantasy IV on almost any game device in multiple ports and I’m going to briefly touch on the After Years in this review too since I’m going to review it from a modern standpoint.

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