Final Fantasy Dimensions II

Final Fantasy Dimensions 2

Final Fantasy Dimensions II is a premium title that started its life as a freemium one. This much is apparent from the get-go and may have pushed a lot of players away when it initially released. Don’t be afraid however, because there are no hidden purchases, stamina bars or other detritus attached to the game to catch you off-guard. Does it merit the price tag of a premium game though?

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Final Fantasy Dimensions


I spent a lot of time considering how much money is too much money when thinking about buying Final Fantasy Dimensions. This game has a prelude that’s a free demo, and then charges for each Chapter after that until you have the whole game, or you can man up and buy the lot at a reduced sale price. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that if the game were on the Playstation Network I’d happily drop £20 on a new game based on the aesthetic of the classic games in the series (1-5). I wasn’t disappointed.

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