The Exile Trilogy


With the current fad in gaming being the replication of a ‘retro’ look or feel to appeal to a gamer’s sense of nostalgia, we thought that now would be a good time to look up a trilogy of RPGs that actually ARE from a by-gone era and evaluate them as free indie titles using the values we would apply to a modern indie release.

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Final Fantasy Dimensions


I spent a lot of time considering how much money is too much money when thinking about buying Final Fantasy Dimensions. This game has a prelude that’s a free demo, and then charges for each Chapter after that until you have the whole game, or you can man up and buy the lot at a reduced sale price. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that if the game were on the Playstation Network I’d happily drop £20 on a new game based on the aesthetic of the classic games in the series (1-5). I wasn’t disappointed.

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Avadon: The Black Fortress


There is a moment about an hour into Avadon that you realize that you’ve been taking it all a little too seriously. Up until this point you’ve been suckered in by the grim and gritty ascetic of the game and the impression that your character is a hard man living a hard life in a fantasy world where moral choices are never as easy as black and white, and instead immersed in the gray where you could discover you’re actually the bad guy in a lot of people’s eyes. And it is, don’t get me wrong, there’s a seriousness to playing Avadon that gives a real weight to the experience. Then you go to meet with a great dragon and encounter him bickering with his secretary, a put upon sort who’s bookish and can be quite sharp when pushed, and you realize that this game has a lighter side to it. In fact when it wants to be the humor can shift from satire to laugh out loud funny.

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